Releases tagged: dashboard

Bugfender Team February 28th, 2019

New Feature: Two-Factor Authentication, Affiliate Program

New Features

  • Two-Factor Authentication: you can authenticate with an Authenticator app or Security Token. If you lose access to your primary authentication method, you can recover access with an SMS to your phone

  • Launched our Affiliate Program to let our users make money while they share the love for Bugfender

  • Added the option of hiding device names (Business plan and better)


  • Highlighting sessions with crashes/issues/user feedback


  • Some minor fixes

Bugfender Team November 30th, 2018

New Feature: Bugfender November 2018 updates

New Features

  • New filtering system: make complex searches using dropdown UI instead of our proprietary query language

  • Custom key-values now can be searched by prefix ("starts with" operator)

  • Identifying Firebase Test Lab devices in devices list

  • Added application statistics month and year views


  • Added installation instructions for Ionic projects

  • Added option to change credit card when changing subscription

  • Improved some error messages


  • Various bugfixes and speed improvements

Bugfender Team April 3rd, 2018

Update: Bugfender March 2018

Since its birth, Bugfender has been released using the Continuous Delivery technique, which means we release new versions very often, sometimes several times a day, and most versions have very small changes in them: sometimes a part of a new feature, sometimes a small bug fix.

For this reason we never felt like publishing a change log would make much sense, it would be too fine-grained, but we do actually make a lot of progress when looking at the accumulated deliveries across several days. However, we would like to let you know what is happening. So we will write some highlights periodically, even if not strictly corresponding to each specific version released and maybe not even with a regular periodicity, but as an exercise of transparency.

Here is what we achieved during the month of March 2018.

New Features

  • Made date/time format and time zone configurable

  • Applied new design to emails

  • Grouped individual emails for issue notifications, which sometimes could be too many, into a section on the daily statistics email

  • Added help messages for accounts over the daily log limit and with failed payments

  • Automatically loading more logs on sessions currently active (log tailing)


  • The old Bugfender interface was deprecated, the new interface is displayed by default and a message is shown to the users of the old one.

  • Several aesthetics and navigation improvements

  • Optimized performance during log ingestion, shortening the time to display new logs


  • We found out log storage was being done properly but there was a limit of 10.000 logs per session upon retrieval, we fixed that

  • The custom key-value storage API sometimes threw errors due to a race condition

  • Formatting of downloaded logs in .txt format was incorrectly being rendered as HTML

  • Improving incremental loading reliability on sessions actively receiving new logs

  • Fixed issue during login that navigated back to the login screen instead of going to the dashboard