Releases involving Bugfender Team

Bugfender Team February 27th, 2017

Update: Android SDK 0.7.2


  • Adding log method/line/file in logs when using Bugfender.d() and logcat collection is enabled

  • Better ordering of logs within the same second when calling Bugfender.d() and logcat collection is enabled

  • Better formatting on multiline logs


  • Fixed log sending in multiline logs

Bugfender Team February 23rd, 2017

Update: Android SDK 0.7.1


  • Fixed accuracy when collecting logs from sessions close in time

  • Logs were not sent in poor network conditions

Bugfender Team February 17th, 2017

Update: Android SDK 0.7

New Features

  • Refreshing the device enabled state every 5 minutes


  • Slimmed down the code, now it's much smaller


  • Removed the EditText content from the automated logs

Bugfender Team February 10th, 2017

Update: iOS SDK 1.4.1


  • Simplified integration with CocoaPods by automatically including the Swift helpers

Bugfender Team February 9th, 2017

Update: iOS SDK 1.4.0

New Features

  • Framework is now a Clang Module - can be imported from Swift without Bridging header

  • Printing to console can be now explicitly enabled/disabled


  • Updated method names in the Swift version

Bugfender Team January 26th, 2017

Update: Android SDK 0.6.4


  • Fixed versioning issue with Sonatype Maven users

Bugfender Team November 24th, 2016

Update: iOS SDK 0.3.26


  • Improved networking code, smaller and more efficient


  • Fixed conflict with AFNetworking library

Bugfender Team November 23rd, 2016

Update: iOS SDK 0.3.25


  • enableNSLogLogging is now marked as deprecated, not working since iOS 10

  • Dropping support for iOS 7


  • Improvements on the networking code

Bugfender Team October 31st, 2016

Bugfix: Android SDK 0.6.2


  • Improved SDK initialization time


  • Fixed duplicated logs when the logcat and ui events were activated

  • Resolved problems with the warnings in compilation time.

Bugfender Team October 7th, 2016

Update: iOS SDK 0.3.24


  • Missing NSLogs when running under iOS 10 / Xcode 8

Bugfender Team October 4th, 2016

Update: Android SDK 0.6

A little love for our Android users, an incremental update for even better logging.

New Features

  • Dependency-free library


  • Advanced logging log() api call


  • NullPointerException in rare UI Logging cases

Bugfender Team September 30th, 2016

Update: September Update

Our customers are the most important thing of our product, that's why in this release we have focused on improve the support we gave to you. You will see some changes on the support tools we use, we hope you like the new support.

New Features

  • Cordova Plugin

  • Now you can change your credit card from the Team details page

  • Improved change plan process, now it's easier and more clear

  • New support features


  • Improved SDK installation instructions to make it easier for you to install on your app

  • Added Levels and Tags to downloadable log files


  • Fixed support for Arabic languages

  • Fixed bug with devices pagination

  • Fixed bug sorting sessions by newest session

Bugfender Team September 30th, 2016

New Feature: Cordova Plugin

We know some of you are working on iOS and Android applications but not using the native tools. A Cordova SDK has been by far one of the most demanded features you asked for. And we listened, here it is!

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