Bugfender Team February 27th, 2017

Update: Android SDK 0.7.2


  • Adding log method/line/file in logs when using Bugfender.d() and logcat collection is enabled

  • Better ordering of logs within the same second when calling Bugfender.d() and logcat collection is enabled

  • Better formatting on multiline logs


  • Fixed log sending in multiline logs

Bugfender Team February 23rd, 2017

Update: Android SDK 0.7.1


  • Fixed accuracy when collecting logs from sessions close in time

  • Logs were not sent in poor network conditions

Bugfender Team February 17th, 2017

Update: Android SDK 0.7

New Features

  • Refreshing the device enabled state every 5 minutes


  • Slimmed down the code, now it's much smaller


  • Removed the EditText content from the automated logs

Bugfender Team February 10th, 2017

Update: iOS SDK 1.4.1


  • Simplified integration with CocoaPods by automatically including the Swift helpers

Bugfender Team February 9th, 2017

Update: iOS SDK 1.4.0

New Features

  • Framework is now a Clang Module - can be imported from Swift without Bridging header

  • Printing to console can be now explicitly enabled/disabled


  • Updated method names in the Swift version

Bugfender Team January 26th, 2017

Update: Android SDK 0.6.4


  • Fixed versioning issue with Sonatype Maven users

Bugfender Team November 24th, 2016

Update: iOS SDK 0.3.26


  • Improved networking code, smaller and more efficient


  • Fixed conflict with AFNetworking library

Bugfender Team November 23rd, 2016

Update: iOS SDK 0.3.25


  • enableNSLogLogging is now marked as deprecated, not working since iOS 10

  • Dropping support for iOS 7


  • Improvements on the networking code

Bugfender Team October 31st, 2016

Bugfix: Android SDK 0.6.2


  • Improved SDK initialization time


  • Fixed duplicated logs when the logcat and ui events were activated

  • Resolved problems with the warnings in compilation time.

Bugfender Team October 7th, 2016

Update: iOS SDK 0.3.24


  • Missing NSLogs when running under iOS 10 / Xcode 8